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Where did Corona pandemic disease come from? Even more news from the sports world

International Cricket Council postpones T20 World Cup trophy tour due to Corona virus gone

Where did Corona pandemic disease come from? Some Important News from the World of Sports: The International Cricket Council postpones the T20 Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour due to the #Corona virus. 95-year-old Azam Khan, a 4-time British Champion of the British Open Squash, died in London due to Corona. Former African Foot Bowler Abdul Qadir Farrukh also died of the Corona virus. With the awareness and support of the #Corona virus, sports-related names are popping up around the world.
In those situations where there is a worldwide concern, there is hardly any thinking on what is going to happen after the outbreak. So what could be ahead of the Corona epidemic, with the game being the subject? Let's take a quick look at: Beyond the Corona outbreak: The Corona virus has spread so much to see, read, and hear about worldwide outbreaks and preventive measures to prevent it that more is now revealed. Nothing more than just boredom.

Just pray to Almighty to keep everyone in their shelter. At this time, according to Allaah, people of all faiths are boarding a boat that is drenched in deep water, and everyone is only hoping that Allaah will cross this boat in good faith. The boatmen are saying that they should pray to all the above, we will all come to the coast and live according to your command.
Will this be so? no . Why ? Absolutely! Despite such a catastrophe worldwide, this time too the negative role of the media is only exacerbating the loss of the world for achieving worldly goals. It is getting advertising and their business is booming. The class is making new discoveries about this disease every day, and where millions of people are spreading their advice through the social media by becoming a self-made doctor to prevent the disease, there are also exciting and wonderful comments on international doctors. 
This is the best or the least example of misguided behavior. Most of all, because perfectionism is the truth, and the smallest is because in many articles and comments the importance of scientific science is more than a matter of worldly importance. Status is not given. From here on out, what is happening after the Corona outbreak is a glimpse into the future.
Because the United States and China are trying to prove that the outbreak is spread by one of the two countries, by blaming each other during the disease. Positive worldly superiority - even in the economy and in the economy. ۔ Many solid evidence has been presented for this. Let's take a moment for all the religions to accept this. Or again the question is why? Yes! Therefore, the first thing that is going on globally proves what is going to happen after the disease or when the boat is on the shore.
Because one of the questions being asked is can such a horrible game be played by developing such a virus? The answer! If hackers can take away the contents of the computer, naughty computers can download all the links except viruses, but in the meantime, the computer can hold the general election hijacked and change the results. 

Why not create anxiety around the world?
Boundaries have never been drawn to war, and even today, no boundary has been set to create anything using technology. At the moment, a major force has been born in the world with war and the other is economic goods. But in modern times such attacks are also occurring in countries where the virus is believed to have been released by them.
Yes! In order to win the war, our soldiers have to sacrifice, whether in uniform or in their fortresses. What's going to happen after the game is over? That is exactly what is needed. China did not shut down production during the outbreak as most of their employees reside in the industries and can be operated alone in the auto industry.
So their production is also ready and they are about to end their fight with the virus. They know that as the outbreak is over, businessmen around the world are turning to China because their countries are facing sanctions. In the meantime, the items will be successful and demand will increase. At this time, the delivery of medical goods is also continuing from there to the world.
What is going to benefit America? Dollars - Worldwide dollars needed - Affected countries will need dollars to buy goods from China. Medical medicines and treatment items are being purchased for outbreaks from existing exchange reserves, when countries need to live again. If the dollar is needed to buy the item, the US will lend around the world together with the IMF and the World Bank, which will be estimated in dollars.

The first link of which is the increasing value of the dollar in the countries presently and the declining value of currencies in all countries. It is only in this connection that the economic system of the world will be handled under the pressure of austerities. In simple words one will have the name of the power and the other the goods. Where did Jung win? This doctor will continue to present in different ways the analysis of past and future prophecy, but be assured "defeat. "Weak countries and their people must.
Innovative technology is unmatched in the modern world

The case will be heard on April 27

Lahore - Omar Akmal case to be heard on April 27: Chairman Disciplinary panel Justice Fazal Mehran Chauhan has issued notices to Omar Akmal and Pakistan Cricket Board for hearing of the case on April 27. The Academy will be in Lahore 'In the meantime, all precautions and social distances will be strictly ensured'. Omar Akmal did not apply for hearing in the Anti-Corruption Tribunal. The notice of charge was issued on twice the violations, 'the spokesman added, as long as the Dispensary Panel The chairman does not announce a public decision: 'Pakistan Cricket Board will not comment further on the matter.

It may be recalled that the notice of charge was issued by PCB on March 17, 2020 to Umar Akmal and was temporarily suspended on February 20, 2020. The ban is still set.


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