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Unconventional negatives for delivery in May at West Texas Intermediate fell to $ 1.10 a barrel after falling to $ 37.63.

UK announces coronavirus vaccine trials 2 days later
Experiments on humans will begin on Thursday to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine developed by Oxford University.

Two days after UK launch Corona virus vaccine experiments ..

London UK announces launch of Corona virus vaccine experiments two days later According to the details, the British Department of Health has stated that a vaccine has been developed by Oxford University for the treatment of corona virus.
Humans are now being prepared to experiment with this vaccine. Experts will begin testing the vaccine on humans two days later to test its effectiveness. It is hoped that the experiments conducted in 2 days will yield positive results.

It is important to note that at the moment, in addition to Oxford University, many other countries in the world are also engaged in efforts to develop the Corona virus vaccine.

On the other hand, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Gibresis, has said that experiments with new corona virus detectors and antiviral drugs should be given priority in treating patients. Speaking to the media here, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gibresis said that antibody tests are important to detect the infection so as to ensure the treatment of the infected patients after diagnosis.
He has said this when European countries are divided on whether or not to do antibody tests. There are. It should also be noted that the number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has reached 2,481,305, while the death toll has risen to 170,436.
It has been reported that 1,664,007 patients of Corona virus are still being treated in hospitals across the world, out of which 57,165 are in critical condition while 646,862 patients have been discharged from the hospitals. The United States is the country most affected by the corona virus, with not only corona cases but also the highest number of deaths from all over the world. The total number of deaths from corona virus in the United States was 42,514. The total number of patients has risen to 792,759. 677,856 corona patients are being treated in US hospitals. N while the condition of 13 thousand 951 to 72 thousand 389 patients have recovered Coruna.

Having a Corona test does not invalidate the fastEmirati scholars have issued several important fatwas regarding Ramadan

Having a Corona test does not invalidate the fast

The Fatwa Council, comprising prominent UAE clerics in Dubai, has said that Muslims should not be afraid to take a Corona test in the state of Kurouza, because getting a Corona test does not invalidate the fast. The news on social media in this regard is a shadow of the facts. Muslims who do not test the corona for fear of breaking the fast, do not worry at all, this kind of medical test does not break the fast.
If a person shows signs of corona virus, there is no sin in not fasting on it. Due to the Corona virus situation, a virtual meeting of the Ulema Fatwa Council was held, in which it was said that all adults must fast, but those infected with the Corona virus should not fast if they want to. There will be no restrictions.

If a corona patient is told by a doctor that his immune system is not strong enough to fast, then it would be appropriate for him not to fast. While the health workers, who are currently carrying heavy responsibilities, do not fast in their working days, if they wish. They are legally allowed to do so. At the meeting of the Fatwa Council, another fatwa also said that due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, people can pray in their homes, anyone can pray taraweeh individually or all the family members. One can also read Tarawah together in one place.
Those who are not memorizers of the Qur'an can recite the Qur'an holding it in their hands during Taraweeh prayers. Another fatwa was also given at this meeting of the Ulema that if the situation in Corona did not improve until Eid al-Fitr, then Eid prayer could be offered at home. People have to abide by government orders and avoid gatherings.

Since Friday prayers cannot be offered at home, people should only offer Zuhr prayers on Fridays. The Council made it clear that due to the poor economic conditions caused by Corona, Zakat can be paid before Ramadan, as well as the payment of Fitr at any time during Ramadan before Eid-ul-Fitr. Can go The council has asked Muslims to call 8002422 for guidance on Shariah-related issues related to Ramadan.

US oil prices plummet toward recovery
Unconventional negatives for delivery in May at West Texas Intermediate fell to $ 1.10 a barrel after falling to $ 37.63.

US oil prices plummet toward recovery

WASHINGTON: US crude prices are recovering after falling to ڈالر 0.00 for the first time due to falling demand and rising storage, while Asian stock markets have also been hit hard by the decline. Oil fell to 1. 1.10 a barrel in West Texas Intermediate after falling to an unconventional minus 37 37.63 in May due to the global economy, transport and factory shutdowns caused by the corona virus, according to the report.
The reason for the price fluctuations is the expiration of the contracts, which means that the merchants have to find buyers again, which has become very difficult and the merchants have a lot of storage.

However, the focus is now on the June contract, which has a trading volume of 30 times, from 20 20.43 a barrel to 21 21 a barrel yesterday. International benchmark Brent crude for June oil price reached. 25.75 a barrel.

JPMorgan Asset Management's Tai Hui said the crisis in West Texas came at a time when the market lockdown in demand was expected to continue in May. He said it was not surprising, flights were not running However, people are driving less, hopefully if the economy reopens late, we will see more pressure on it. He said that companies are still producing oil because it is not possible for a few products to reduce production. Because it could completely destroy their oil wells, they can afford to keep producing oil for a month but not shut it down.

China deeply accuses US of accusing Corona
Has any country blamed the United States for spreading AIDS, resulting in 2 million deaths? Chinese Foreign Ministry

China deeply accuses US of accusing Corona

Beijing has been increasing tensions between the US and China due to the Corona virus. It has been said many times by US President Donald Trump that the virus has come from China. China has once again said that US President Donald Trump Beijing denies accusations of the Corona virus. On Monday, US President Donald Trump accused China of deliberately spreading the Corona virus, saying China would have to suffer the consequences of Corona's outbreak.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry, Jung Shiwang, said that China sacrificed to overcome the Corona virus. WABA can be controlled only through international cohesion. One One "virus spreads to 214 countries and territories around the world.

The virus, which originated in the United States, caused 2 million deaths worldwide.

No one has blamed the United States for the spread of the H1N1 virus. AIDS was first diagnosed in the United States in 1980, killing countless people around the world. Is any country responsible for spreading AIDS to the United States? China has also rejected Australia's demand for an inquiry into the Corona virus. Washington and several allies have accused China of being the first patient in Wuhan until the end of last year. China has failed to adequately respond to the threat of the disease.
China, on the other hand, acknowledged that the actual number of casualties was not reported in Wuhan. Rather, the death toll was 50% higher than that reported. Lockdown was abolished in Wuhan a week ago and 76-day lockdown. The city was also celebrated after being lifted, but a week later, China acknowledged that the death toll from Corona in Wuhan had increased by 1290 deaths.

According to the Chinese authorities, these are the deaths that could not be made part of the record due to delayed or erroneous reporting. In addition to the deaths, 325 new cases have also been added. According to reports, the death toll from Corona in Wuhan city, China, which is considered the epicenter of more than 1,200 deaths in the death toll, has increased to 3869 while the number of people infected with the virus has increased to 50,333. Is. Wuhan city officials said the unreported deaths had to be made part of the record because of delays.


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