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The 'newer and better' version of the Zoom app will be available for use this week

Popular video conferencing application Zoom has said it will release a new and improved version of its app this week.
The announcement comes at a time when the company's efforts to protect data and consumer privacy have come under fire.

The company says that version 5.0 of Zoom will have better encryption features to prevent "zoom bombing" - meaning unwanted people from entering a video conference.

The corona virus has caused a worldwide lockdown and millions of people are using the platform to communicate with their loved ones at work.

"We will win the trust of our customers and delight them with our unwavering focus on providing them with the safest platform," Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said in a statement.

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Zoom has been heavily criticized for a number of privacy issues, including sending user data to Facebook, false claims of user-to-user encryption, and allowing meeting hosts to track participants.

One of the most important features of the app is the 'zoom bombing' in which uninvited guests enter meetings. As a result, many companies, schools, and governments have stopped using the platform.

The UK is debating whether the government should use the zoom for a cabinet meeting, as Boris Johnson tweeted a photo a few days ago with the ID number of the latest meeting.

There are also reports that Elon Musk has banned the use of Zoom for meetings at his company SpaceX.

NASA, one of SpaceX's biggest customers, has also stopped its employees from using it.

Singapore, meanwhile, has banned teachers from using Zoom after an "extremely serious incident" during an online class.

Earlier this month, Zoom said it would work on privacy and security issues before working on any new features.

The head of the company has apologized for "failing" to address security issues and promised to address those concerns. He also said that the use of Zoom during the Corona virus epidemic has increased in a way he never imagined.

The number of Zoom's daily subscribers has grown from 10 million to 200 million in less than three months.

Meanwhile, New York's attorney general has written to the company questioning its ability to deal with the growing number of customers.

New York Attorney General Leticia James has asked Zoom if he has reconsidered his security measures following his rise in popularity. He also pointed out that in the past this app has been very slow in solving problems.

"The Zoom takes the privacy, security and trust of its customers very seriously," the company said in a statement requesting comment from the BBC.

Corrupt currency: Hacker stole ڈالر 25 million in China, then returned it himself

A mysterious hacker first stole $ 205 million in crypto currency and only returned it two days later.

Two days before the Chinese-based Center de Force, crypto currency, a digital currency used for electronic payments, was stolen in the amount of $ 250 million.

The hacker stole the most $ 1 million worth of Ethereum currency. In addition, $ 1 million worth of other Queens were stolen. The hacker also stole $ 4 million worth of coins linked to the US dollar.

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It has repaid almost twice the amount of digital money in the form of various crypto-coins two days later.

De Force is a crypto currency platform where digital funds are traded.

De Force founder Mandao Ying said in a message following the hackers' attacks that the hacker had tried to contact them and they intended to talk to them.

The founder of De Force said that hackers not only hurt their users but they also suffered a lot personally. He said, 'My assets have also been stolen in this attack.'

Mandawing has promised to provide more information in this regard. The BBC has contacted the De Force for more information.

In a blog post about the attack, security company Pack Shield explained how a hacker cheated the D-Force system and stole $ 250 million worth of crypto currency.

It can be described in simple terms that the hacker de force managed to convince the system that they were submitting the crypto currency but in fact they were stealing the crypto currency.

What is a digital currency and where it is used?

Digital currency is primarily the electronic payment or payment method. It allows you to buy, but so far, it can only be spent in specific locations. It lets you make payments on video games or social networks. What is a digital currency and where it is used?

There are currently around 5000 crypto currencies in the world, including Butte Coin. The price of a bit of coin is currently around $ 8300, while in the past it has reached $ 20,000.

The total cryptocurrency market is estimated at around $ 230 billion. Market watchers say that until recently, the market had raised over $ 400 billion.

The crypto currency business is taking place worldwide, with over 5000 currencies coming in so far but currently the most popular bit coin.

NASA announces to send manned space missions ten years later

NASA has announced that it will be sending its space mission to the US mainland next month after a break of nearly ten years.

The rocket and its spacecraft will depart Florida's Kennedy Space Center on May 27 and take two astronauts to the International Space Center (ISS).

Both the rocket and the spacecraft were developed by private company SpaceX.

SpaceX: Rocket launching resumption

SpaceX will take tourists around the moon

United States: Return to the era of human space travel

'By 2024, ordinary citizens will be able to travel to Mars'

How much is a nightly fare on the International Space Station?

Since retiring in its space shuttle in 2011, NASA has been using Russian rockets for space-based missions.

If this mission succeeds, SpaceX, the billionaire businessman Elon Musk, will be the first private company to send NASA astronauts into space.

On this latest mission, astronauts Bob Bunken and Doug Hurley will depart for the ISS
The Falcon Nine rocket and the Crew Dragon spacecraft will depart from the Kennedy Space Center's historic launchpad 39A, where Apollo and other shuttle missions have flown in the past.

On this latest mission, astronauts Bob Bunken and Doug Hurley will depart for the ISS where they arrive in 24 hours.

At the International Space Station, there is one American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts.


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