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The media report on the health of the North Korean leader was incorrect. US President

Criticism of President Trump for misreporting Kim Jong Un's health on American TV

The media report on the health of the North Korean leader was incorrect. US President

Washington The media report on the health of the North Korean leader was incorrect. Criticism of President Trump for misreporting Kim Jong Un's health on American TV. According to the details, US President Donald Trump has strongly criticized the reporting of American TV about the President of North Korea on private TV. At a Corona virus press briefing on Thursday, a CNN reporter asked President Trump about Kim Jong Un's health, to which the president replied that he thought the news was false.
He added that he hoped the report would be incorrect because he had a "very good relationship" with Kim Jong Un. When a CNN reporter asked a second question, President Trump refused, saying he did not want to speak to his network.

It should be noted that according to the report of American TV CNN, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been suffering from a dangerous disease for two weeks.
CNN reports that he has been paralyzed by a mental illness. It was also reported that 36-year-old North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been missing for several days due to a serious illness, and government officials have remained silent. The US broadcaster has claimed that the North Korean leader is seriously ill, with Kim Jong Un, 36, missing for several days. Or not verified.
News of the North Korean leader's illness was reinforced when Kim Jong Un did not attend the April 15 ceremony marking the anniversary of his father, the former North Korean president, and in most cases he did. Had already handed over to his sister.

President Trump orders destruction of Iranian ships "harassing" US naval vessels

Tensions between Iran and the United States have risen since the Revolutionary Guards launched a satellite into space

President Trump has accused Iranian ships of "harassing" US naval vessels.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have risen again after the Washington Revolutionary Guards sent a satellite into space, the first time the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have sent a satellite into space. US officials say it is too early to say whether the satellite launched by Iran is operational. Defense experts believe the satellite, which was sent into space, could be a long-range Iranian missile. The missile program can be helpful in advancing.

According to the US broadcaster, President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy Iranian warships that "harass" US naval vessels. A senior diplomat in the Trump administration has accused Iran of violating UN resolutions. Is. "I have instructed the US Navy to destroy Iranian warships if they harass US ships at sea," Trump said in a Twitter message after the announcement, without mentioning any specific incidents.

The U.S. Navy said last Wednesday that 11 Iranian Revolutionary Guards boats carried out "dangerous and harassing" operations in the Arabian Gulf near U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships, while Iran said last week The United States is responsible for the incident. Tensions between the two countries escalated in 2018 after the United States withdrew from a global nuclear deal with Iran, and the United States reimposed sanctions on Iran. Bilateral tensions escalated after the death of Iran's most powerful general, Qasim Soleimani, in a US airstrike in January this year. Iran responded to the US move with a ballistic missile attack on a US military base in western Iraq.

Corona virus: US demands access to sensitive laboratories in China
Beijing allow our inspectors to inspect these biological laboratories. Mike Pompeo

Corona virus: US demands access to sensitive laboratories in China

The United States has demanded that China give China access to sensitive laboratories and that Beijing allow its inspectors to inspect these biological laboratories. Speaking to reporters in Washington, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged China to allow inspectors to visit sensitive laboratories due to the global corona virus outbreak. Pompeo ruled out the possibility that the deadly virus The leak occurred at a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which China has strongly denied.

It is important to handle these types of content safely so that they are not accidentally discharged.
Citing the example of nuclear facilities, Mike Pompeo pointed to the need for strict global inspections to ensure safety there. Says SARS-cov-2. 
Since then, Chinese scientists have said they suspect the virus spread from the Wuhan meat market, where a variety of animals are slaughtered, but the safety of a nearby virology laboratory has raised questions about the safety of senior US officials. Authorities raised the issue, which was initially described as an online conspiracy theorist.
On the other hand, critics say that US President Donald Trump wants to remove the accusation of not being able to stop the global epidemic in which about 45,000 people have died. It should be noted that since the outbreak of the epidemic, conspiratorial and false theories have been coming to light, while the US and Chinese governments have also been blaming each other for the epidemic. China also accused the United States of bringing Corona to its hometown of Wuhan, but such allegations have not been substantiated, and the allegations have only fueled statements and media coverage. Remain limited.
After the World Health Organization declared Corona a global pandemic, US President Donald Trump continued to call it a Chinese virus and tweeted against China over the pandemic. After being given, China also claimed that the virus was actually brought to Wuhan, China by the US military.
China has claimed, based on a video of a US Senate session, that there is a strong possibility that the virus was brought to the Chinese city of Wuhan by the US military. Earlier, the Chinese government had accused the United States of spreading rumors and fears about Corona. It has become even more difficult for governments to deal with the corona virus.

Now the official access to biological laboratories by the United States has further complicated the issue so that this war of words between the two great powers does not turn into a real war while the world cannot afford it at all.


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