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Police personnel deployed in areas affected by Corona in Lahore are also infected with Corona virus

So far, 23 areas of Lahore have been sealed off, while corona virus has been confirmed in 24 police personnel on duty, police officials said.

Lahore: Police personnel deployed in areas affected by Corona in Lahore have also contracted the Corona virus. Police have been deployed in Lahore after sealing off some areas due to the Corona outbreak, after which efforts are being made to restrict the movement of people in the affected areas.
Meanwhile, police said that police personnel have been deployed to seal off 23 areas of Lahore, out of which 24 policemen have now fallen victim to corona. Areas have been locked down, 12 suspects have been tested in the township after one person's corona test came positive, the 12-house area of ​​the township has been sealed.

In addition, a street in Sofiaabad Nishtar Town was sealed after confirmation of corona virus in 10 people. Police further said that some of the sealed areas have been reopened after being cleared. Talking to officials, police officials said that police personnel are immediately deployed in the cell areas of Lahore and they make it possible for people not to leave their homes and socialize with each other. Keep in touch.
Police meet a lot of people during this difficult time, so they are suspicious of Corona. So far, the number of people infected with the corona virus in Pakistan has exceeded 11,900, while 153 people have died of corona. That is why the lockdown has been extended across the country, after which the lockdown has now been extended to May 9.

Corona is feared to affect 10% of London's population
Preliminary results from the antibody survey put the number at 2.6 million in London

Corona is feared to affect 10% of London's population

Corona is feared to affect 10% of London's population. According to a survey report, 10% of the population of the British capital London is feared to be infected with Corona. Corona virus is currently spreading in every country in the world.
Rich or poor, people are being affected by it and its death toll is increasing with each passing day. Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have also been affected by the corona virus. Can go to

There are currently a total of more than 143,000 patients in the UK and the death toll has risen to over 19,000. Salary has been announced while employers have been instructed not to fire any of their employees.

The government will pay compensation to landlords. Similarly, companies collecting road tax, income tax and council tax have been banned. The global economy is currently on the verge of collapse due to the corona virus. The global epidemic of coronavirus has increased the number of patients in the world from 2.8 million to more than 1.97 million deaths. After which London may also be heading for disaster.

Daily corona virus kills record in US

Yesterday's death toll in the United States was lower than the daily death toll in the past three weeks. News Agency

The number of deaths per day from the corona virus has dropped in the United States
Washington - The daily death toll from the corona virus in the United States has dropped. Yesterday's death toll in the United States was lower than the daily death toll in the past three weeks. According to the details, the number of daily deaths due to corona virus has been reduced in the United States. According to the French news agency, 1258 people have been killed in the last 24 hours in the United States, which is less than the daily number of deaths in the last 3 weeks.

According to the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the total number of deaths from the corona virus in the United States so far has reached 51,017.
It should be noted that the highest number of daily deaths was recorded in the United States from Corona yesterday. Corona killed 3,176 people in a single day in the United States yesterday.

In addition, US President Donald Trump says new cases of corona virus have decreased in 23 US states, while patients in 46 states have seen a reduction in corona virus symptoms. The president said he would talk to governors about it. US Vice President Mike Pence has said that economic activity in 16 states is being considered. He said economic activity in the state of Pennsylvania would begin on May 8.

The corona virus is the result of Chinese mischief
Chinese scientist in Wuhan's laboratory was doing "crazy things" with the virus, his intentions were not bad, the purpose was to investigate the virus's ability to cause disease, the Russian scientist's new claim

The corona virus is the result of Chinese mischief

Lahore: A Russian scientist has claimed that the Corona virus was developed in Wuhan, but China's intentions were not bad. The first was in the Chinese city of Wuhan, so some countries have accused China of being responsible for creating and spreading the virus.
In this regard, the world-renowned Russian scientist has claimed that the corona virus is the 'result of mischief' of the scientists in Wuhan, China. However, his intention was not to harm the world. According to foreign media, microbiologist Professor Peter Chumakov said Chinese scientists were doing "crazy things" with the virus in Wuhan's laboratory, with the aim of researching the virus's ability to cause disease, but their research did not include malicious elements.

He deliberately did not want to create a deadly virus for humans. His research may be aimed at finding a cure for AIDS. The United States has demanded that China allow its sensitive laboratory tests. A few days ago, the US president accused China of making the deadly corona virus in a Wuhan lab. Trump said the virus was made in a Chinese lab and then a person went to the market and the virus spread. China has denied the allegations.

President Donald Trump has unequivocally said that the US government is investigating whether the corona virus was actually developed in a Chinese laboratory. In this regard, US broadcasters CNN and Fox News in their reports Citing government and intelligence sources, he said that although most US government officials and scientists believe the Corona was not manufactured in a laboratory, the US government has ordered an investigation.


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