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Pakistan's decision to join friendly countries in difficult times

Despite the opposition of some ministers, the federal cabinet approved the export of chloroquine drug, one million chloroquine tablets will be exported to Saudi Arabia, 5 million to Turkey, 5 million to Italy and one million to the United States. Sources

Pakistan's decision to support friendly countries in difficult times

Islamabad Pakistan decides to support hard-working friendly countries in difficult times Malaria drug may be low, the government will export 1 million chloroquine tablets to Saudi Arabia, 5 million to Turkey, 5 million to Italy and one million to the United States.
According to media reports, a meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister reviewed the current situation of corona virus and the existing stock of chloroquine for malaria. The Prime Minister was briefed on the stockpile and future use of chloroquine.

The Prime Minister was informed that Pakistan has ample stock of chloroquine.

At the meeting, four ministers - Asad Omar, Shafqat Mahmood, Sheikh Rasheed and Sherin Mazari - opposed to exporting medicines that could be reduced despite widespread stocks. But the cabinet nevertheless approved the export. Because friendly countries that come to Pakistan's aid in difficult times, now Pakistan has a duty to export medicine in difficult times. Similarly, Special Assistant for Information Firdous Ashiq Awan also said in a media briefing that in the current epidemic situation, the demand for malaria drug chloroquine has increased worldwide.
Various friendly countries have expressed interest in importing chloroquine from Pakistan. There are also friendly countries among them who have stood by us in every difficulty, and now we are with them in this hour of need. There are excessive chloroquine tablets in the country. 15 million chloroquine tablets are enough to meet our three-month needs. Currently we have 40 million tablets and 40 million tablets of raw materials. He said that one million chloroquine tablets would be given to Saudi Arabia. Turkey will receive 5 million, Italy 5 million, America one million and other countries will also be given chloroquine tablets.

Weak and poor system health causes corona virus outbreak in world, G20 Ministers HealthGlobal efforts to improve the health system are needed, a joint statement issued by the meeting said

Weak and poor system health causes corona virus outbreaks in the world, ..

The ministers of the G20, the world's largest economic power organization formed in partnership with the Brussels / Geneva European Union and 19 countries, attribute the weak and poor system health to the spread of the Corona virus in the world. An online meeting of G20 health ministers in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, discussed the situation, measures and shortcomings in the health system caused by the Corona virus. Could not attend virtual meeting due to meeting.

The ministers said that Corona had exposed the capabilities and weaknesses of the global community to cope with the epidemic. The joint statement of the meeting emphasized that global efforts to improve the health of the system were needed. In addition to international and regional organizations, including the World Health Organization and the World Bank, leaders from Spain, Singapore, Jordan and Switzerland were invited to the meeting. The joint meeting of the G20 was chaired by US President Donald Trump. The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again called for a gradual reduction in lockdowns to control the coronavirus. The hasty lifting of the ban could increase the spread of the epidemic, the WHO said. During the press conference, Erector said that the lockdown measures have proved to be positive and hoped that people would definitely take stock of the Corona virus situation at a time when the situation is being assessed. They will be ready to adopt new ways of life to keep drugs, ”he said at an online press conference. Some time ago, the World Health Organization warned that easing the lockdown would be very dangerous. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedders, said in a statement that easing lockdowns could lead to more deaths. Many countries have economic difficulties, but all countries should be very careful about easing lockdowns.
There has been a slight decline in the incidence of global epidemics in countries, but corona cases are growing rapidly in other countries, including Africa.
21-04-20 / - 61 #h #g * Several countries, including Pakistan, have hinted that the lockdown will continue in May. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * New York (Online) Several countries around the world, including the United States, have taken steps to ease the ongoing lockdown caused by the corona virus, and it is expected that the lockdown will be phased out by June in all but a few countries. 
Authorities in Germany allow stores to open but social distance restriction is maintained. Business is also allowed in foreign countries Fishing boats and food processing businesses also resume their activities. Sri Lanka has lifted the curfew in two-thirds of the country, while the remaining one-third will end the lockdown tomorrow. Students in Norway have started returning to schools while schools in Denmark will open Wednesday. New Zealand has announced that it is easing the lockdown from April 27.
Wear Prime Minister Jessinda Ardern says some sanctions are being lifted for two weeks after which the situation will be decided and decisions will be taken. Many countries, including Pakistan, have hinted at continuing the lockdown in May. US President Donald Trump recently issued guidelines that would allow US states to control cases of the corona virus. Lockdown security restrictions may be gradually relaxed following appropriate public health measures.
According to experts, in cases where there is no drug or vaccine available for code 19, two factors will be very important to move towards a normal life, namely, social distances and the ability to conduct large-scale testing. One of the major challenges for health and public health authorities is that 80% of those infected with the virus do not show symptoms of this disease, so only 20% of people who show severe symptoms of cod 19 are being tested. .

On the other hand, in the early days of the spread of the corona virus, testing kits were not available in adequate numbers, which is why, according to media reports, 140,000 tests can be done in a day in the United States, US officials say. At least 2 million tests will have to be done daily across the country before returning.

The worst time for corona virus is yet to come, the World Health Organization

Countries that are easing or ending the lockdown by looking at the current situation should keep in mind that the outbreak has not ended yet, says Director General of Health

The worst time for corona virus is yet to come, the World Health Organization

The Corona virus, which originated in Wuhan, Geneva, China, is now engulfing the whole of Pakistan, and its devastation is increasing dramatically with each passing day. So far, more than 2.4 million people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide, while more than 170,000 people have died from the corona virus.
Talking about the current situation, the director of the World Health Organization said that the worst time in the world due to the corona virus is yet to come. We must be prepared for that. We cannot predict in which countries the Corona virus will cause further devastation, but one thing is clear that due to the Corona virus, the situation will only get worse.

Talking about this, he said that no country should relax in the lockdown right now. Talking about the countries that have eased the lockdown, he said that no country should think that the Coronav Aires epidemic has ended. It is too early to make that decision. The World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier issued instructions to all countries not to rush to end the lockdown, which could lead to heavy losses.

So far, only China has managed to control the corona virus, while other countries are still fighting the corona virus. It is to be noted that so far the number of people infected with Corona virus has increased to more than 2.4 million worldwide while more than 170,000 people have died due to Corona virus.


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