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355 more Corona virus cases reported in Pakistan

The number of Jammu cases has increased to 8348, while 9 more patients died, bringing the total death toll to 168.

In Pakistan, 355 more cases of Corona virus were reported, with the total number of cases being 8348, while 9 more patients died, bringing the total death toll to 168. According to the latest data from Corona virus in Pakistan, 7847 tests were done in the last 24 hours, of which 355 Corona cases have been reported, bringing the total number of cases to 8348 across the country.
So far 98 thousand 522 tests have been done in Pakistan. Similarly, the death toll has risen to 168 with 9 more deaths. So far, 1868 patients have been fully recovered. The number of active cases is 6480. According to the latest data, a total of 3822 cases of Corona virus have been reported in Punjab province, Sindh 2537, Balochistan 376, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1137, Islamabad 171, Azad Kashmir and 48 cases in Gilgit.

On the other hand, Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal told private TV that mid-May is important for a new wave of corona virus, it will take 20 or 25 days for a new wave to arrive, a new wave may come by May 15. Yes, but we are preparing in advance, making reservations for May, June and July, if our ratio is 1.1 then there will be no problems with our system.
"We have the capacity to do 8 million tests, and in addition we have received donations from 90,000 China," he said. He said arrangements were under way to tackle the outbreak. Thousands of ICU beds are ready, hotels have also been booked in different cities, among them three star and four star hotels are booked. Almost 4,000 ventilators are available in Pakistan, as well as with the provinces, a plan has been prepared that 1300 ventilators will be used for Corona.

29 more Corona patients leave home in Lahore: CM Punjab

Lahore has 206 patients recovered so far, the number of patients recuperated across the province has been 684, insha Allah Allah we will soon overcome this epidemic: Usman Bazdar's Twitter message

In Lahore, 29 more Corona patients have gone home after treatment, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said in his Twitter message that tests of 29 more Corona patients have come to Lahore today, after which 206 patients have been recovered in Lahore. He said the number of patients receiving medical care across the province has grown to 684.
He further added that cup insha Allah we will soon overcome this epidemic, he also paid tribute to the doctors and medical staff who are fighting against Corona as they are fighting against the outbreak day and night.

Usman Buzdar
29 more # COVID19 Patients from Lahore have tested negative & Discharged. So far 206 patients from Lahore have fully recovered taking total recoveries in Punjab to 684.

We appreciate our frontline workers for their tireless efforts. InshAllah we will be able to avert this crisis!

2:25 PM - Apr 19, 2020
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On the other hand, the director Sheikh Zayed Hospital Quetta said that 133 positive and 80 suspected patients from Corona have gone home from Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

In addition, the National Command and Operation Center has released the latest data on Corona virus, the number of confirmed Corona cases in the country has reached 7993; But 159 people have been killed. So far, there have been 98522 tests while 7847 have been tested in the last 24 hours.
According to statistics, the number of confirmed cases of Corona has reached 7993 in the country while the number of Corona virus active cases is up to 5966. The number of Corona virus cases in Punjab reached highest at 3649, while in Sindh, 2355 Corona virus cases were reported, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 1137 cases and Islamabad 171. Sindh has lost 48 patients, 41 in Punjab and 60 in KP. In Gilgit-Baltistan and 5 in Balochistan, Corona virus has died. In the federal capital, two Corona virus patients died.

US president threatens China to suffer consequences for Corona outbreak

If the Varuna virus spread was flawed then it was flawed, was it an error that went out of control? Or intentionally plotted, there is a big difference between both error and conspiracy. Media briefing of US President Donald Trump

If the Varuna virus spread was flawed then it was flawed, was it an error that went out of control? Or intentionally plotted, there is a big difference between both error and conspiracy. Media briefing of US President Donald Trump
sanaullah nagra sanaullah nagra

US president threatens to face consequences for China over Corona outbreak

WASHINGTON (April 19, 2020) - US President Donald Trump has threatened China with consequences for the Corona outbreak. He said that if the Corona virus spread was flawed then the flaw was flawed, was it a mistake that went out of control? Or intentionally compromised, there is a big difference between the two. US President Donald Trump said in a media briefing that the spread of the Corona virus was a mistake, but a mistake, but if China is deliberately responsible, then surely the consequences should come.
Donald Trump said no one had seen such a situation since 1917. Answering a question during a media briefing, he said whether it was a mistake that was out of control or a deliberate conspiracy, there is a big difference between the two.

Remember that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Chauli Jian also said in response to the US Defense Secretary's allegations that after the outbreak, China is playing its role in global cooperation for counter-piracy under transparency and responsible behavior. ۔

China has called on the United States to focus on counterinsurgency and restoration of the economy rather than political manipulation. Remember that the US Defense Secretary said in an interview that the information provided by the Chinese Communist Party is difficult to believe. In this regard, the spokesperson said that if the United States appears to have been misled, then why the US company CDC warned on Quod-19 on January 15 by the United States in its consulate in Wuhan, China, January 25. Why the house was closed and all US citizens were evacuated Why did the United States February 2 ban all Chinese citizens and foreigners visiting China in the last fourteen days to enter the United States? Because it will not solve the problem of pestilence in the country.
The spokesman said that China expects the United States to focus its attention on counter-piracy and the restoration of the economy, while ending the political manipulation. In addition, Wuhan's Institute of Virology has clarified US allegations that there is no truth that the Corona virus was manufactured in our laboratory.


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