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In soap Our body's best friend

Cleansing is half faith and the role of soap is of utmost importance for physical cleanliness. 

In the modern era, separate handwashes have been introduced for washing and separate liquids have come into the market for bathing and people have started to take advantage of this invention. Also fulfills the requirements of cleanliness and refreshing feeling.

Components of soap

According to experts, soap is made by boiling alkali and fat and for this purpose animal or vegetable fats are obtained. Coconut, almond, palm, banola and olive, as well as cucumber and honey, are added to the oil. Alkali also contains minerals such as soda and potassium.

Handwash components

The speed at which environmental pollution is increasing is better if homes have different handwashings for washing hands. This luxury is not a necessity, but a necessity for basic cleaning. Glycerin, sodium sulfate, sodium kilogram, in the hand wash. The road also contains acid, lactic acid, perfume sodium benzoate and other chemicals, while the aroma also includes honey, almonds, green tea and cucumber.
They are germs, but they should also be chosen according to their skin.

Body wash

They are made from various floral perfumes and are made not only of a long lasting fragrance but also of certain oils, including juniper oil. They can be effective for skin cleansing in the season. Their power and curiosity refreshes you.
However, using excessive amounts of them is unnecessary and wasted.
Low cost but hazardous health soap
The soap that is causing dryness on the hands or body after use is not for you, and excessive use of soap also causes skin to lose its natural level of absorbency. An infection can occur on the skin.
It is best to choose a soap that contains moisturizer and glycerin content.
Washing dishes include antibacterial ingredients and lemon slices. They are antibacterial so they should only be used for washing dishes. They cannot be used for washing or bathing. Not harmful but if you intend to shine a pot by buying cheap soap, this will not be done at all.
Some soap contains excessive amounts of greasy acid. It has bad effects on the hands.

Herbal soap for beauty

Such special soaps are made all over the world. There are a large number of these soap specialists in Pak Wand, Malaysia, European countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc. They include Nem, Sandal, Turmeric, Almond, Honey, Coconut, Goat. Milk and various fruits, including peaches, cherries, juices, apples, grapes and some flowers are made and consumed by a large number of female consumers.
These include glycerin, a special ingredient in the skin. Women with dry skin are advised to use this soap.
Some soaps add a mild scent, in fact they are even better. High-scented soap allergies may include a sharp scent to distract the consumer from the smell of non-standard fat, such a soap can cause sensitivity so buy soap for any purpose is always a good brand and It is important to keep in mind the seasonal requirements, not just buy one that suits you.
In the winter we need extra moisture so the moisturizer soup will be better but in summer the effect of lemons may be the best choice...!!!

Remember the little things about health cleansing

Babies are the home of a child. If they become ill, the whole family becomes depressed. Take care of their health to see them laugh. Keep children safe from germs, in particular. Parents need to know a few basics. To protect their children from diseases. Do not forbid children from playing in the mud, going to the park, or cycling for fear of illness, but rather tell them the basic principles of hygiene so that they can take care of their health and Get rich growth.
Healthy habits do not allow children to get sick and protect them from bacterial infections. In the present era, physicians love and encourage children to play in the mud because there are many types of play in soil. The child's immune system becomes active against germs.

Germs cannot be prevented from attacking children, but careful precautions can be taken to protect children from germs.

By keeping a few things in mind, children can be protected from infectious germs.

Cleaning hands

Only hand shaking with a person affected by a nozzle transmits 71% of the germs from one person to another. The first thing that comes to mind when explaining the principles of healthy living to children is the importance of hand washing. Must highlight.
Make it a habit to keep your hands clean at all times. As a mother-child, you must wash your hands after using the washroom each time before cooking and feeding.

When to wash hands

  • After using the washroom each time.
  • After coughing, sneezing or wiping the nose.
  • After playing with pets.
  • After touching the dust bin or bushes.

  • Returning from the park.
  • After playing with toys.
  • After sowing the plants.

When a person in the house becomes ill, he must wash his hands as many times as he can, every day afterwards.
The right way to wash your hands
Soak your hands first in running water. Make foam in hand with standard germicidal soap.
Rinse the middle skin of the fingers. Clean the back of the hands. Wash your hands with warm water. Dry the hands with a towel.

To shower

Bathing once a day and twice a day in the summer is useful for a healthy life. Choose a standard shampoo and antibacterial soap for bathing. Make it a habit to bathe your baby from the beginning so that he can practice this habit even when he is older.
Use a clean towel and washed clothes after bathing. Children who are not accustomed to daily bathing may experience dryness, nausea and lice that develop not only for the baby but also for other people living with it. It is important to take special care of the baby's physical hygiene.

Cleaning the mouth

Usually young children do not have a habit of brushing or brushing after eating.
This causes the germs to invade the teeth and cause tooth decay. Make it a habit of brushing the baby twice daily, in addition to thoroughly cleansing and after eating each diet. Also train abrasively so that the teeth are clean and the mouth does not become a germ house. Keep the baby's toothbrush separate and do not use the toothbrush of others, set meal times and if you are hungry in the interval. Avoid drinking water or eating any fruit.
Clean your mouth after eating.

Nail cutting

The enlarged nails make germs inside and cause various diseases in the stomach of the baby with each diet. Often adults and children have the habit of nailing their teeth, getting rid of this habit as soon as it causes stomach diseases.
Cutting the nails from the teeth also damages the teeth and weakens the nails too. For children who are accustomed to sucking the nails or sucking the toes and toes, this habit should be tried regularly. And foot nails can protect a child from becoming infected with many ailments.

Clean clothes

Change children's clothing daily.
Encourage your children to keep their clothes clean. Often children ask for food or handmade clothes. This is a bad habit. It should be taught to children with love and to keep their body clean. Instead of throwing away uniforms after returning from school, keep them in a specific place - Keep used shoes in the sun for a few hours to remove odor.

Also use wash socks daily. After washing, make sure to wash your feet with hand wash. Especially, do not forget to wash the toes between the toes and the toes so that the feet are sterile. Remember that healthy habits are the guarantee of a healthy life. Family can lead a healthy and happy life by adopting simple cleaning methods.


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