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Finding treasure in the Indian state of Rampur: Where did the treasure room of the Khas Bagh Palace go?

There are some parts of northwestern China that are rich in variety. In the shadow of the Lupine Mountains on the banks of the Yellow River, people in the Ningxia region have for centuries been promoting the production of Asia's most favorite beer.

The small, bezel-shaped berries found here are called 'red diamonds' or 'red diamonds'. It is thought to have the power to curb the effects of aging, so it has gained a new global status as a super food.

But for the Chinese people, who have been using it in medicine for almost a third century, it is only Goji berry or Wolfberry.

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Goji berry is grown all over China, but it is the unique structure of the land of the Ningxia region that produces the best variety of this fruit.

Ningxia Beechey Hang Xing Food Technology Company, an organic organic goji farm. Its sales manager says, "It is the result of irrigation of cool air, fertile soil and Yellow River that produces the highest varieties of goji berries in the region."

The farmers of Ningxia still cultivate the same fruit as it has for centuries now. Every year, from July to September, the fields appear to be full of tomato-colored beer.

China's love of goji berry is hundreds of years old, and traditional Chinese medicine experts think it contains many things that can be used to prepare medicine.

Its earliest record is in the Compendium of Materia Medica, a historical medical text. It was written in the 16th century by renowned herbal scientist Lee Shizhen.

Traditional Chinese medicine doctor Yu Yan Tsang, who runs his clinics in China, Malaysia and Singapore, says, "This is a very wide-ranging, famous record, and the book also mentions Goji Berry. Lee explains how each herb looks in it and how you can use it all. "

People in China view Goji berry as both a fruit and herb. Goji berry contains vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, which is why traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend its use for liver and kidney improvement.

"Chinese mothers often tell their children that they need to eat more," says Zheng, who teaches Chinese medicine in Beijing. It is full of carotene which helps to improve vision. But I would take it as a fruit and herb that improves the kidney and liver system. According to traditional Chinese medicine, eyes are part of the whole system, not separate. '

When Zheng writes the prescription to the patients, she mixes it with other herbs.

According to Zheng, if a person has a fever or sore throat, they prevent the patient from using gooseberry.

'Even if they suffer from gastrointestinal problems, we advise them to stay away from berries, but if you are healthy, there is no harm in eating gooseberry.

Gooseberry has long been a part of Chinese culture. It is reported that two thousand years ago, a doctor arrived in a village in China where every person was over 100 years old.

He discovered that they all drink water from a well that has goji berries around. Then came the theory that as soon as the fruit ripens and falls into the well, its vitamin-rich fruits add to the water.

Goji Berry is also associated with the 17th-century Le King Yuan story. He is said to have eaten this beer daily, which led him to be 200 years old.

But times are also changing for this simple berry, including how it is used. It is now viewed as a super food in China and other countries.

Asia's younger generations are understanding the benefits of gooseberry, but in their own way. For example, members of Jane Zee are buying 'Well Ness Kettles' for Goji's Beer Tea.

Their parents can identify them as traditional soup kettles that have been re-packaged by brands like Bidium and given the pink color, enabling Instagram to do more.

According to a 2019 report on GenZ in China, the new generation sees health as a top priority of life, even more than money, careers, personal entertainment and having a family.

Goji berries have also become popular among international consumers. People are paying up to US $ 10 for a packet of beer known as 'super food', which is three times higher than its price in the East.

The price tag of super food is encouraging farmers to get their crop to the supermarket faster.

Although the farmers of Ningxia collect one hundred and eight thousand tonnes of fresh goat berries every year, they sell most of their produce in dry form because the fresh berry life is short.

The berries ripen quickly in the summer sun, which means farmers need to work quickly to harvest their crops.

Goji berry does not seem to have any significance as soon as the recent

Finding treasure in the Indian state of Rampur: Where did the treasure room of the Khas Bagh Palace go?

In the former state of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state, there is a strong room, a strong room inside the Khas Bagh Palace, where a lot of wealth was expected.

He tried several times to open it, but when he opened the room, only a few boxes, toys and other items were found in the name of wealth.

Advocate Commissioner Surabh Saxena, appointed by the district judge to examine the property between the nawab's heritage, told the BBC that the string room contained only items other than empty boxes and enclosures. No valuables found or any precious metal found.

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Surabh Saxena said: 'Looking at the String Room looks like it has been stolen before because the wall of the String Room has a cut mark. All heirs and lawyers have visited the String Room six times so far. It was opened in the presence of everyone. There was a lot to be said about the String Room, but nothing was found until there was even a document. It appears to have been emptied of satisfaction. '

On the directions of the Supreme Court, between the legacy of the former Nawab of Rampur, two commissioners appointed by the district court were examining the property in connection with the distribution of property.

Surabh Saxena, who oversees the distribution of property
String Room Story
As an immovable property where hundreds of acres of land are to be divided, the Kothi special garden is filled with treasure-filled string rooms, all of which are of great interest.

Not only does the string room contain a wealth of nawabs, but there is a lot of interest in the structure of this room. On the one hand, if the lock of a strong room has passed every test of technical skill, on the other hand its walls are made of such strong metal that every attempt to break it from cutting to a gas cutter has so far failed. Now, on March 7, it will once again try to cut this strong room.

There was a dispute over the distribution of property among the Nawab family in Rampur for a long time. In October last year, the Supreme Court ordered the division of the last Nawab Raza Ali Khan's property in Rampur according to Muslim Personal Law and Shia Personal Law. The property is to be divided into 16 persons.

On March 7, they will once again try to open a strong room in their presence. It is said that it holds many precious jewelry, including diamonds and jewelry, which can be a difficult task to estimate.

Arun Prakash Saxena, an advocate commissioner nominated by the District Judge for property estimation, says: 'The key to this robust room was with Murtaza Ali Khan, the eldest son of Nawab Raza Ali Khan, who was lost somewhere. A gas cutter was called in to cut it. Despite all efforts, when it could not be opened, welders have now been called from Muradabad who will try to cut it.

It is being reported that the walls of the strong room are made of mixed metal which is very strong. Of the people who are dividing the property of the Nawab family of Rampur, only Kazim Ali Khan 'Naveed Mian' lives in Rampur.

Naveed Mian said: 'Strong room walls are very strong. It was claimed that the earthquake could not harm it and now this claim has come true. As far as locks are concerned, it is made by the UK's leading Chubb Company, which is famous for locksmiths around the world. This company claims that their locks cannot be opened with any other key. The Chubb Company made both the String Room and the Lock.

It is said that his brother Charles, from England's Jeremiah Chubb, made a special lock in which he stopped working after applying the wrong key and then added a new key. The two brothers patented their technology and in 1820 established a locksmith company called Chubb Company.

The company's reputation was far-reaching, and in 1823, George IV awarded the company the responsibility of building locks for post offices and prisons. Chubb's locksmith fans were not only George VI, but are also mentioned in Sherlock Holmes' spy stories.

Chubb's company used to make locks before, but later it started producing string rooms, as well as locksmiths, and started its business in dozens of countries outside the UK. In 1997, the company was acquired by William Holdings Limited. Nawab Raza Ali Khan of Rampur also built a strong room with the Chubb Company.

Local journalist Mohamed Muzim says, 'A strong room is as strong as a bunker. Engineers of Chubb Company came to Rampur to build it. It was used in the manufacture of German steel used to make military tanks. That even if it was bombed, it would have no effect.

The key to more than Strong Room Strength is to lose its key. Naveed Mian says there are many things in the String Room but they are unlikely to be found. He says: 'The Supreme Court was given a list of more than five thousand things contained in it, but I do not think that these things will be in it now. In fact, until now it was occupied by only one person and they did what they wanted...


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