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Corona wrecks havoc because of distance from God: Light Hogan

We have to share love around the world, take care of each other. Stop worshiping the false gods: Eminent Reseller

Los Angeles renowned racer Hulk Hogan says the Corona virus epidemic has caused devastation worldwide because of distance from God. Sharing the story on Instagram on social media platform, 66-year-old Hulk Hogan said, "We have to share love around the world, take care of each other. Stop worshiping false gods, because of disobeying God." No vaccine is being developed.
It may be recalled that the death toll from the corona virus spread across the world has exceeded 75,000 while the number of confirmed cases is more than 13 lakh. According to the World Online Health Map of the Corona Virus made by the World Health Organization and several global organizations, as of April 7, the Corona virus had killed 75,973 deaths, while the number of confirmed cases of the virus was 13 million 60 thousand.

While there is a steady increase in Corona patients worldwide, there are still casualties worldwide and by April 6, the death toll had risen to more than 72,638. According to the World Map, the number of sick people around the world had recovered by the evening of April 7, 2012 at 219,991, with the highest number of patients recovering in China at around 77,000.
On the first day of this week, after the alarming week's warning by US authorities, nearly 200 deaths were recorded in the United States in a single day, bringing the total death toll to 11,000 in the country. The total death toll from the Corona virus in the United States so far has risen to 10,993 while the number of confirmed cases is 3,68,449.
According to a report in New York, 20% of police officers wearing uniforms have been infected with the Corona virus, of which 12 have died. The US state of New York, also known as the center of the Corona virus, has been the most affected by the virus. On the other hand, the number of Corona virus deaths in Europe alone has exceeded 50,000. Which is a large part of the more than 76,000 deaths worldwide.

The name of the potential winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble is revealedThe name of Roman Reigns in reference to the prophets is Hot favorites

Zeeshan Mehtab Zeeshan MehtabThe name of the potential winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble is revealed

If the Royal Rumble is considered the most exciting event in the WWE events, it would not be wrong, as the main match between 30 wrestlers also attracts those who do not like the game. 26 in Houston this year Scheduled for January, the main interest of the people beyond the title matches in this event is as a result of the Royal Rumble Contest, which the winner will be part of a title match at WrestleMania 36.
The highlight of the Royal Rumble match this time is that WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has also announced himself to be in the match and will be the first wrestler to enter the ring - which is why potential successful wrestlers before the match. There are rumors circulating about it, which is adding to the excitement among the people.

Now who wins this contest, his decision will be made on Sunday night, but who succeeds, the name will make people disappointed or excited.

So far, the WWE has announced the names of 25 of the 30 wrestlers in the competition, while 5 places are still vacant, with unexpected names likely to emerge. And when it comes to favorite wrestlers. Most likely, Roman Reigns, one of the most popular WWE wrestlers, will once again be part of the championship.
In fact, after returning from cancer treatment, Roman Reigns has not been involved in the championship race for the past year but has been a part of the second tier. Who wants them to be a part of the WrestleMania event again? The various websites have the Roman Reigns' hot name as a reference to Royal Rumble's predictions, which will win either WWE Champion Brock Lesnar or WrestleMania at WrestleMania. Universal champion Bray White or Daniel Bryan, who are competing for the championship at the Royal Rumble. Can be.

Roman Reigns has already won the Royal Rumble competition in 2015 and if he manages to do so this year, this will be the second time. Stone Cold has been named the highest three times by John Cold while John Siena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Sean Michael and Hulk Hogan 2, are two wins wrestlers. Drew McIntyre is being named after Roman Reigns. Last year, Seth Rollins won the race. What was the name, and his name was declared a favorite shortly before the competition.

Saudi Wrestler Mansoor made history by defeating world-renowned WrestlerMansoor defeats Dolph Ziegler in WWE Championships in RiyadhMuhammad Irfan Mohammad Irfan

Saudi Wrestler Mansoor defeats world-renowned Wrestler

Riyadh is talking about the magic of the WWE in Saudi Arabia. This is why this year every global event of wrestling is being organized in Saudi. This time, however, the WWE mega event became a memorable one for the Saudi people. When a Saudi young man made a thrilling and exciting race to win world-renowned wrestler Dolph Ziegler in front of his own home crowd.
Mansoor and Ziegler's fight continued for quite a while. On several occasions, Mansoor's defeat was assured, but he maintained his zeal and determination, and successfully avoided Ziegler's dangerous stake. After this historic victory, Mansoor thanked the Saudi people for their encouragement and won the competition.

On this occasion, he urged the Saudi youth to showcase their abilities in the field of wrestling. Mansoor expressed his desire that he wants to raise the glory of the Saudi state and the people's pride by winning hundreds, not hundreds, in the future. In other competitions, the popular wrestler U-Taker won the Taujiq Trophy by defeating AJ Styles.

On this occasion, the enthusiasm of the fans was palpable. The table and his teammates successfully won the SmackDown Tag Team Contest. In addition, the tag team of Seth Rollins and Murphy also defeated their rivals. In the individual competition, Angelo Garza defeated Humberto Carlo. One of the main competitions was with WWE's defending champion Brock Lesnar's ricochet, which the heavy-handed Brock Lesnar won easily by using his particular stake suplex City repeatedly.

And thus retained the honor of being their world champion. Bull Goldberg defeated The Fandrebrae White and stripped of the Universal Championship title belt. The last exciting and much-awaited contest was between the millions of hearts beloved wrestler Roman Reigns and King Corbin, who was in the Steel Cage (an iron cage). After undergoing the most nerve-racking stages, the Roman Reigns finally overwhelmed their fierce opponent, King Corbin. Belle won the SmackDown Women title by defeating her rival Naomi in the women's competition. It is important to note that all the superstars also visited the city of Riyadh before the world racing competitions and declared Saudi Kingdom and the people very hospitable...


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