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Corona virus: The first human experiment of a drug called remediator failed in China

The most important question in the world right now is, how long will the corona vaccine be ready? Scientists around the world are working on this problem and new things are being discovered day by day.

However, it will take time to get some good news in this regard as the first clinical trial of a possible drug developed against corona virus has failed.

With regard to a drug called Ramdisiver, there was widespread optimism that it would cure the Code 19 virus.

How long will the corona virus vaccine last?

What is the difference between the corona virus and the common cold?

Can a mask protect you from the corona virus?

How long does it take to recover from corona virus?

What are the symptoms of corona virus and how to avoid it?

What do we know about medicine, experience?
Accidental publication of some documents by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that the drug has failed in China.

The document states that the drug did not improve the patient's condition, nor did it reduce the amount of the virus in the patient's blood.

The US company Glade Sciences, which manufactures the drug, says the document does not accurately represent the experiment.

News of the experiment's failure spread when the World Health Organization entered its details into its clinical trial database but then removed it. The WHO later confirmed that the trial had been entered into the database by mistake.

The researchers said that of the 237 patients, 158 were given medication and 79 were given placebo. After one month, the death rate among drug users was 13.9% and the death rate among placebo users was 12.8%.

This experiment was stopped due to the side effects of the drug. 

Following the news of the failure of the drug in the United States, the country's three major stock markets fell.

What does the pharmaceutical company have to say?

The spokesman added that the study was terminated prematurely because the number of patients who volunteered was too small and was statistically meaningless.

However, this research was not the last link in the journey for a complete remediation, and several more trials are being conducted to clarify the situation.  

Artificial Intelligence: How can artificial intelligence speed up the process of discovering a cure for corona virus?

It seems that some supernatural help is needed to control the global Corona virus epidemic and prevent its deaths.

Artificial intelligence may be exaggerated. But when it comes to medicine, there is a proven track record of how effective artificial intelligence has been in this field.

So can artificial intelligence help in the challenge of finding a cure for this dangerous disease?

Many companies are in the race to solve this problem.

The Oxford-based company Accentia, which first tested artificial intelligence on humans, is researching 15,000 drugs at the Scripps Research Institute in California.

Helix, a Cambridge company founded by Viagra co-creator Dr. David Brown, has turned to artificial intelligence systems to find drugs for rare diseases. Now their goal is to find a cure for corona.

What is the difference between the corona virus and the common cold?

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What are the symptoms of corona virus and how to avoid it?

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Corona virus: Avoid these six fake medical advice

This system is divided into three parts:

Review all existing literature on the disease
Study the DNA and structure of the virus
Assess the suitability of different medicines
The search for medicine has traditionally been slow.

"I've been doing this for 45 years and so far I've only managed to bring three drugs to market," Dr Brown told BBC News.

But artificial intelligence is proving to be very fast.

"It took us weeks to gather the data we needed, and in the last few days we've gotten new information, so we now have a lot of data," said Dr. Brown.

"The algorithm was run over Easter and we will have the results of all three procedures in the next seven days," he said.

Helix hopes to use the information to make a list of possible drugs by May and is in talks with laboratories for its clinical trials.

When it comes to corona virus, there are two ways for those seeking treatment with the help of artificial intelligence:

Finding a completely new medicine but waiting a few years for its safe use to be approved
Revamping existing medicine with a new purpose

Artificial intelligence alone cannot cure this virus
But Dr Brown said there was no way the disease could be cured with a single drug.

For Helix, this means a detailed analysis of the 800,000 potential pairs and 10.5 billion sets of drugs made possible by the 4,000 approved drugs on the market.

Professor Ara Darzi, director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, told BBC News: "Artificial intelligence is one of the strongest avenues we have to achieve a conceivable medicine. But the basic requirement is a set of high quality, big and clear data.

"To date, much of this information has been sent to individual companies, such as large pharma companies, or lost in old laboratories within universities."

More than ever, the data sources involved in the discovery of these nutritional drugs need to be gathered so that artificial intelligence researchers can use their new machine learning techniques to discover the cure for COD-19 as soon as possible. Can do

Northeastern University's Barabasi Laboratory in the United States, Harvard Medical School, Stanford Network Science Institute, and biotech startup Schaefer Medicine are all looking for a drug that can be re-developed as soon as possible as a treatment for code 19. Can go

The search for medicine has traditionally been slow

Amazing discovery

Schaefer's chief executive, Alif Saleh, said it would usually take "a year on paper" for all of them to work together.

"But the whole process can be speeded up by starting a series of zoom calls with people who have the ability to get the job done logically and who have the time."

"The work that has been done in the last three weeks usually takes half a year," he says. Everyone has given up and focused on it. "

And the amazing results of their research are beginning to emerge. Including:

It is suggested that the virus may invade brain cells, causing some people to lose their sense of taste or smell.
It is also predicted that the virus could invade the reproductive system of both men and women
Schaefer's medicine combines artificial intelligence with something they call network medicine. It is a method of looking at a disease through a complex interrelationship between molecular components.


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