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Weigh the enemies

The main function of food is to provide energy to the body, but most of the people here eat food just for fun and to fill their stomachs. On the contrary, people who consider health as a valuable asset think differently. That we should eat foods that are healthy. This thinking actually makes it clear that those foods have information about the ingredients, so it is said that whatever food you eat, eat useful, that is, food that As well as providing energy, it also has a positive effect on your health.

Unintentional, untimely and untimely eating can lead to many diseases, including obesity, which causes other diseases.

You may be surprised to learn that these foods, if carefully chosen and eaten at the right time and in the right way, can help reduce obesity. Here are some of these useful foods. I am being told, which can provide energy as well as help in weight loss.


This dark green leafy vegetable is rich in iron, proteins and fiber. It provides energy. Eat it cooked in low oil, cooked in peanut lentils and drink its soup or just make its soup. Drink it. It is beneficial in every way. It reduces obesity. If you eat it to lose weight, avoid eating with rice.


Generally, people who want to lose weight, when they follow a regular diet plan, feel the need to eat something every two hours. In such cases, popcorn (POPCORN) may be available immediately. The number of calories is very low. They contain starch (carbohydrates), which gives you energy.
Popcorn should be eaten without salt and butter, so that you can get the most out of it. They can help you lose weight.


Twelve grams of lentils also have a good amount of fiber. In addition, lentils also have an abundance of protein. Boiled lentils can be eaten by mixing lemons and peppers to make them taste good and digestible.
One cup of boiled lentils a day is enough. You can also make delicious salads by adding your favorite vegetables and fruits to them, but in that case halve the amount of lentils. Lentils also help in weight loss.


One cup of oats contains five grams of fiber, so it gives you energy. If you eat it for breakfast with milk and honey, you will feel refreshed throughout the day.
If you don't like sweets, you can eat it salty like oatmeal. Oats help you lose weight.


One cup of strawberries contains only seven grams of glucose, while fiber contains three grams. Strawberries also meet the need for sweetness and also provide energy due to glucose. In addition, it also reduces weight.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness, so people who want to lose weight should include grapefruit in their diet. Eating it will keep your body hydrated. And you will also feel less hungry. Since this fruit has no calories, it prevents the process of fat formation in your body and thus you do not gain weight.


Cabbage also contains an ingredient that prevents sugar and starch from being converted into fat. The results are amazing. If you wish, you can also eat cabbage as a salad with the above mentioned fruits and vegetables.


Tomatoes have also been shown to be effective in weight loss. You can eat tomatoes in the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon salad or just by sprinkling a little sanmak and pepper on the tomatoes. Tomatoes are a useful food for obese people.

Good food is a must for a long life. Unfortunately, today's world has become a fast food system which has many negative effects on health. Fast food refers to the type of food that is prepared quickly. And can be served such as pizza, burgers, pasta, samosas, kachori and others. Even though the food tastes great, these foods are often harmful to health items such as fatty meats, ghee, spicy foods, Made with sodium and extra sugar.
Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat are included in home meals and many nutrients are used to maintain good health.
Despite knowing all this, many people still prefer fast food.

Most of them, especially those who work long shifts, or offices, etc., do not have time to arrange a good meal, so they go to the nearest restaurant or place an order to get the delivery done by the restaurant. Perform easily.

Another reason for this is that most countries have a young population so they spend more money on fast food. Fast food culture first became popular in the United States in the 1950s and now MNCs like third world countries That various fast food trends are being promoted in Pakistan which is having a negative impact on public health.
There are now many types of food and beverage firms in Pakistan, including full delivery service restaurants, traditional food restaurants, fast food restaurants, dhabas, stalls and grocery stores.
Pakistan is a country with about 1 million customers. The restaurant industry is growing rapidly in Pakistan. Despite the economic downturn, new restaurants are opening day by day. This industry has significantly contributed to Pakistan's GDP. Although per capita income in Pakistan is not high, on average every Pakistani spends about 5% of his income on food.
Western-style food is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. Most fast food outlets were established between 1995 and 1999, mostly in urban areas such as Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Some of the international fast food restaurants that are successfully operating in Pakistan include KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Mr. Burger. They are regularly targeting people through television and internet promotions. Because they consider it a business and have no interest in public health.
It is a waste of money but also a cause of many health problems. About 50 years ago, when there was no fast food culture in our country, people used to eat home-cooked food, then people are also healthy. There were no diseases of any kind. Very few people were suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, but as the trend of fast food is increasing, various diseases are being born more and more.
Twenty-five-year-olds are now suffering from diseases that used to afflict people in their sixties and seventies. Malnutrition, heart disease, obesity, muscle and kidney diseases, sexual dysfunction, asthma and Liver diseases are caused by constant consumption of fast food and people are consuming them without knowing the consequences of their harmful effects.
There is a need to spread awareness among such people who use fast food products. In order to create awareness in this regard, intellectuals, doctors and the media have to play an important role. We should also give priority to home-made items so that we can live a healthy and long life.
Nowadays, there is a lockdown situation in our country due to epidemics like corona virus.
People are confined to their homes and can only leave their homes for necessary work. The steps taken by the government to curb the spread of the virus have affected other industries as well as the food industry. Fast food restaurants, hotels, etc. have been closed and the business has been shut down. Connected people are facing severe financial losses.
On the other hand, people are also preferring home-made food to avoid epidemics and deadly diseases. This is also a positive aspect. People have moved away from poultry and unhealthy foods, so it is hoped that the rate of sickness will also come down.

While Karuna is causing all sorts of problems for us, it is also having a positive effect on our eating habits. Maybe in this way we will once again be able to know the importance of home cooking and get rid of many contagious diseases.


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