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Artificial skin. A ray of hope for burn patients

You may have seen patients in hospitals who suffer from burns. Their burnt faces become ugly, so they start hiding their face or body. Such patients become psychologically agitated or frustrated. Despite the fact that plastic surgery has made considerable progress in the present era, the treatment of burned out patients is easy, but it costs a lot. Therefore, it has been a dream come true for patients in the country.

Patients who do not receive proper treatment are forced to live with their stained and ugly skin or lose their lives. However, a ray of hope has now dawned for the burn patients. Doctors and scientists have announced that they will develop artificial skin in a large-scale private laboratory.

Progress has been made in this regard, as an agreement has been reached between the University of Health Sciences and two associations of Pakistan. The first such artificial skin was imported from abroad at a cost of 900 900 (Rs. 127,440) per inch. Was imported from, but now the same type of human skin can be made in Pakistan for a thousand rupees.
With this artificial skin, large-scale burn patients will be able to recover.

They will also include patients whose body burns up to 70%. The process of replacing human skin with artificial skin was first started locally in Pakistan in 2015, but it was done experimentally, now the skin is being developed extensively, benefiting a large number of patients. Will be
Professor Javed Ikram, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, explained that there are different causes of burns, including various infections, emissions from cells and minerals from the body of the affected person. Includes rapid loss of.

When artificial skin is widely developed in our own laboratory, the suffering of those affected will be reduced by 20%," he added. And patients' chances of survival will increase.
In fact, imported artificial skin is very expensive, especially for middle-class patients, so they avoid treatment and end up dying.

He recalled the accident of the oil tanker at Ahmed Porshaqiya, saying that many of the deaths were due to this accident, because artificial skin was not available in large numbers in our hospitals. Artificial skin manufactured in our laboratory Although much cheaper than leather imported from Europe and the United States, the quality will be the same as that skin.
We have tested the ready-made skin in the largest US health institution and they We have used this skin as an experiment on many patients and they have received healing.

Professor Javed Akram explained that there are two methods of skin modification: one is technically and the other is called regulatory. Technically we have made 17 inventions, including artificial skin, human eye thin, kidney. Cells and "interferon injection", applied to patients with inflammatory liver (hepatitis).
The job of scientists is to invent things in the laboratory, but the real thing happens when these things are used on patients and they are cured.
Dr. Javed Ikram also mentioned the obstacles that they face in the manufacture of artificial skin. The biggest problem is the rules and regulations. Then there are difficulties in the matter of registration, ie we prepared the skin, but this Couldn't figure out which company would register it? Which pharmaceutical company would manufacture it on a commercial scale and bring it to market for sale.

In addition, the medicines and chemicals we ask for are not available or are artificially in short supply, which hinders our work.

I am very grateful to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that it took the Somoto action (judicial authority if they see any corruption, take action against it, do not wait that another person filed a complaint) and formed a committee. It was the success of this court decision, we got rid of the confusion and started producing artificial skin.
This removed obstacles to patients' healing.
The book prepared by Dr. Javed Ikram and his colleagues has been sent to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) for registration. It is hoped that this will yield positive results and the problem of burn patients will be resolved soon. ۔

Based on the agreement, a representative of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Association has agreed that 20 pharmaceutical companies could manufacture the synthetic skin.
In this regard, medications prepared for treatment will be provided at affordable rates and can also be exported if needed.
Preparation of the skin mentioned above...


Eye diseases 

The eye is a very delicate organ. Home remedies for eye diseases can be dangerous in some cases. It is very dangerous to blindly put every good and bad thing in the eyes. We will only mention a few eye diseases here when home remedies are easy. It is possible and it is not likely to damage the eyes. You should consult a doctor for other ailments.

Goa fever: Goa fever is the most common eyelid disease, itching occurs first on the eyelid, then a pimple begins to grow and becomes very painful in three to four days. The wound is healed very quickly after the discharge of dirty material and the pain goes away. Often the entire eyelid is swollen. This disease is most often seen in children. Cervical discharge is one of the main germs that cause sores. Weakness and lack of immune support against germs provide an excellent opportunity for these germs to attack, especially for vulnerable children. Many goha najni can come out at one time. Sometimes goha najni comes out in one place after recovery. People who have more abscesses or have acne are more likely to go out in goha najni.

Treatment: If the child is weak, improve his health by feeding him proper food. When Goha Najni is in severe pain, tapping her with a warm cloth will cause pus to form in her quickly and the pain will go away after she erupts. If the goha najni does not rupture even after the rupture, then pull out a pluck of hair that has grown in it. The pus starts coming out. Itching also occurs, but do not allow children to scratch the guha njani. It is also dangerous to the patient and it is useful for the bacterium if several cavity babies have come out or if they are recurrent, it is useful to take a few drops of penicillin but also physical. Weakness is also needed.

Eye allergies: Allergies are also a major cause of eye inflammation. If the cause of inflammation is due to allergies, it is not difficult to detect. There is sudden irritation and inflammation in the eyes and a lot of water comes. This condition does not last long. Inflammation usually goes away after the cause of the allergy has gone away. If the eye is constantly allergic, the germs have a chance to take over, so it needs immediate treatment. Eye allergies are usually accompanied by a nose allergy and a common cold. 

Remedy: Try to find out the cause of allergies Some chemicals used in gardens, gases, industries, aromas and pigments etc. are the main causes of this allergy, even if allergies try to avoid it if an allergy clinic is not possible. See Where You Can Be Anesthetized Against An Allergic Remedy To Avoid Allergy Periodically A few drops of Anthical lotion Drop the eye into the eye The most common reason is if you are allergic to atropine, give it up and replace it Use Home aytrupyn Home Atropine.

The eyes also need attention

The eye is a very delicate organ, so special care is needed for its health. Eyes should be washed with clean water at least twice daily. No medicine should be taken without the advice of a doctor. If there is a constant headache in the eye, then the vision should be checked. The following are some of the symptoms that should be treated immediately with an eye doctor.

Yellow eyes: As people get older, their eyes start to turn yellowish brown, because their diet is low in fruits and vegetables and high in fat, resulting in fat accumulation in their body, which It does not affect the eyes, but does affect the skin and can cause jaundice.

In this case, you should consult a doctor.

Blurred vision: Blurred vision can also be an early sign of cataracts. There are shadows in front of the eyes, which disappear after the surgery. If it is avoided, black water may be lost and eyesight may also be lost.

Swollen Eyes: There is inflammation or chewing in the eyes, probably due to sensation or water accumulating in the eyes, which does not go away.
It is also a sign of cervical degeneration, which can cause swelling in the neck.

Blasts in the eyes: When you suffer from mental confusion and stress, the eyes start to explode. This is a sign of malaise. So, if any such disorder occurs, do not ignore it, but show it to the eye doctor immediately.

Double-sightedness: Drug abuse can make you look two instead of one. In addition, if you develop squinting in your eyes as a child, it can also lead to such a defect in vision, but even if this complaint occurs later. It could be a sign of nervous system stroke, paralysis, rash or some other disease.

Unclean Vision: Visual impairment may occur if vision fades, or eyes appear to be impaired due to impairment.
If the reaction is unclear, this may be a sign that your blood pressure has increased, your blood sugar levels are uncontrolled, or even with the aging of the white cortex of the eye, there is an error. Is. The disease can affect anyone, but taking Luton supplements slows down the disease. Lutein is a healthy ingredient found in spinach, egg yolks, animal fats and plants.

Eye pain: This complaint is caused due to sitting in front of the computer for a long time, so you should take a break during work.

Eyes to chew or red: Eyes may turn red due to allergies or diarrhea, and may also cause chewing, such as fine sand or pebbles in the eyes. This is also due to excessive make-up on the eyelids, so in such a situation, I should consult a doctor immediately.


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