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8 tasks leading to death that we do daily

We use an infinite amount of things daily or do many things that make us comfortable - but we are completely unaware that some things are providing ease over time, but in reality we are being put to death. Taking Yes - Today we will tell you about some simple things that can ruin your health -

Drinking out of plastic bottles

Often plastic bottles contain a large number of micro-plastics that are hazardous to human health - they are pieces of any kind of plastic that are less than 5 mm in length - present in the body. Increase fat as well as have negative effects on the nervous system and immune system.

Using dry cleaned clothes

Dry cleaning is actually a chemical process - many hazardous chemicals are used when drying clothes - and some of these chemicals remain in the clothes - these chemicals can enter our body through the breath and into the eyes. Itching or headache can cause dizziness and dizziness.

Holding sneezes

You should never try to stop sneezing because it can cause air to pass through the ears - which can cause blood vessels in the eyes or nose or ears.

Using perfumes full of chemicals

There are many perfumes that contain toxic substances, while the secrets are secreted. These substances are derived from petroleum and can cause nausea and vomiting besides hormone imbalances. I can make this cancer patient too -

Popping pimples

First of all, it is possible to scratch or tear the teeth and even cause blemishes - the facial glands have direct contact with the brain and the process of infection with acne or pimples. Causes - This thing is so dangerous that it can also cause vision and stroke complications.

Using cosmetics with synthetic components
It is important to know that the makeup you are using contains synthetic ingredients that can be very harmful to you. These ingredients can accumulate in your body over time and can cause skin irritation and even cancer.

Not changing your pillow

Each night when you sleep, your pillow absorbs skin, hair and body oils. It can produce dust particles in your pillow that can cause really bad allergies.

Plucking nose hairs

Pulling hair from the nose can cause skin irritation and swelling. If you remove the hair, you will also weaken your immune system and it can potentially cause other brain infections.

The parents of the girl who lost the apple from the balcony were fined Rs

An accident occurred March 9 in Dongguan, China. An 11-year-old girl, whose name is not disclosed, dropped an apple while feeding her dog from the 24th floor of the apartment building. A woman was walking down the street to raise her 3-month-old granddaughter Tong Tong. This apple applied to Tong Tong's head causing him severe injuries.
Tong Tong's grandmother rushed him to the hospital. Doctors told his family that Tong Tong had suffered severe head injuries, his skull had fractured and his skull blood vessels had broken. He underwent surgery to prevent blood flow to the brain but Tong Tong remained in a coma.

The doctor told Tong Tong's parents that even if they were conscious, the right part of their brain would remain medically dead.

Meanwhile, police found DNA samples of apples and all the people living in the building to find out who was the 11-year-old girl responsible for the accident.
The girl's parents told reporters that her daughter had confessed to losing apples and also said it was just an accident, her daughter was trying to feed her dog.
The girl's parents paid 30,000 yuan or $ 4700 to Tong Tong's parents for their daughter's mistake, while Tong Tong's medical bills went up to 1 million 30 thousand yuan or $ 20,000.
Two years after the accident, the court has now ordered the parents of an 11-year-old girl to pay 1.85 million yuan or $ 2.11 million or nearly Rs. Four crore to the Tong Tong family.

In China, there are strict rules for the demolition of buildings that cause accidents. It is considered to be a life-threatening crime, but it is usually deliberate but in the case of an 11-year-old girl it was just an accident.

Cleansing is half faith and the role of soap is of utmost importance for physical cleanliness. In the modern era, separate handwashes have been introduced for washing and separate liquids have come into the market for bathing and people have started to take advantage of this invention. Also fulfills the requirements of cleanliness and refreshing feeling.

Components of soap

According to experts, soap is made by boiling alkali and fat and for this purpose animal or vegetable fats are obtained. Coconut, almond, palm, banola and olive, as well as cucumber and honey, are added to the oil. Alkali also contains minerals such as soda and potassium.

Handwash components

The speed at which environmental pollution is increasing is better if homes have different handwashings for washing hands. This luxury is not a necessity, but a necessity for basic cleaning. Glycerin, sodium sulfate, sodium kilogram, in the hand wash. The road also contains acid, lactic acid, perfume sodium benzoate and other chemicals, while the aroma also includes honey, almonds, green tea and cucumber.
They are germs, but they should also be chosen according to their skin.

Body wash

They are made from various floral perfumes and are made not only of a long lasting fragrance but also of certain oils, including juniper oil. They can be effective for skin cleansing in the season. Their power and curiosity refreshes you.
However, using excessive amounts of them is unnecessary and wasted.
Low cost but hazardous health soap
The soap that is causing dryness on the hands or body after use is not for you, and excessive use of soap also causes skin to lose its natural level of absorbency. An infection can occur on the skin.
It is best to choose a soap that contains moisturizer and glycerin content.
Washing dishes include antibacterial ingredients and lemon slices. They are antibacterial so they should only be used for washing dishes. They cannot be used for washing or bathing. Not harmful but if you intend to shine a pot by buying cheap soap, this will not be done at all.
Some soap contains excessive amounts of greasy acid. It has bad effects on the hands.

Herbal soap for beauty

Such special soaps are made all over the world. There are a large number of these soap specialists in Pak Wand, Malaysia, European countries, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc. They include Nem, Sandal, Turmeric, Almond, Honey, Coconut, Goat. Milk and various fruits, including peaches, cherries, juices, apples, grapes and some flowers are made and consumed by a large number of female consumers.
These include glycerin, a special ingredient in the skin. Women with dry skin are advised to use this soap.
Some soaps add a mild scent, in fact they are even better. High-scented soap allergies may include a sharp scent to distract the consumer from the smell of non-standard fat, such a soap can cause sensitivity so buy soap for any purpose is always a good brand and It is important to keep in mind the seasonal requirements, not just buy one that suits you.

In the winter we need extra moisture so the moisturizer soup will be better but in summer the effect of lemons may be the best choice.

Contesting Corona - Principles

Corona competition and elimination are possible only if we follow the following five guidelines. These instructions are also proven by the Quran and the Quran. It is very important to follow - ignoring any directive can make you sick


They all know that just as Allah is our Creator, this disease has come from God and if He can remove this disease then He is our Creator, Almighty - in many places in the Quran and Hadith. It is a promise to pray and accept it - so if we pray with sincere heart, it is impossible that Allaah will not accept the prayer that comes from the heart. Almighty Allah is more loving than 70 mothers. Will save those who come to Him


The second method is the use of medicine - the Qur'anic guidance also directs the use of the drug. Finally, medicines or herbs are created by Allah Almighty for the benefit of human beings. The Queen is also given the reason to focus on herbs made by God and to improve her quality of life and this is also proven by the Holy Prophet of the Holy Prophet. Use is essential

English-Homeopathic or herbal remedies may be used as preservatives to prevent the Crohn's virus - but these medications must be used in consultation with a qualified doctor or physician, or in consultation with a general public or self-medicated. Can also cause harm


This method is also wrong if a person prays even if he prays but does not take diet or take less or more than his body needs.

To avoid corona virus or any disease, it is important to continue to use good food - breakfast should be served, lunch should be served and dinner should be taken lightly.

The food should be chewed on time with hunger and good fresh vegetable fruit pulses and meat should be consumed. Diseases can arise and sleep can be disrupted

Fourth - Caution

Caution is also required to avoid the Corona virus. The instructions given by the government or doctors nowadays must also be followed - and the hadith proves that caution is necessary in infectious diseases.

If a person does not care or does not care, neither good medicine nor diet can help him - Wearing masks in public places or washing hands with soap and staying away from people or other precautions. Soon a person can easily become infected with the Crohn's virus

Fifth-proper exercise

Proper exercise or even keeping the body moving is important - nowadays it is still needed - many people are developing obesity or depression due to constant sitting at home during lockdown. If proper exercise is to be done on a daily basis, whether in the case of compulsion, indoors or even household chores that make sweat better then it is also important for health. Time will also be spent. Good health will produce strong defense, which will be very beneficial to combat not only the viruses but also other diseases.


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