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10 Surprising Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Honor 30 Pro Plus introduced with 50 megapixel main and peri-scope cameras

Honor has also introduced the Honor 30 Pro Plus for the Honor 30 and Honor 30 Pro (details on this page). The phone has a 50-megapixel main camera with Sony's 1 / 1.28 ”IMX700 sensor and an 8-megapixel Perry Scoop telephoto shooter with 5-fold optical zoom to 50-fold hybrid zoom. The phone has a 16-megapixel ultrawide camera with a 17mm lens, which also serves as a macro camera.
The Pro Plus's camera also supports AI RAW photos. It shoots several RAWs during LAN exposure and makes them a RAW image. In terms of video shooting, this phone can record 4K video at 60fps. The front punch holes of this phone are 32 megapixel main and 8 megapixel selfie cameras.

The phone's display is 180 Hz touch sampling, under-display fingerprint scanner and 90 Hz 6.57 inch emulsion with sliding sides.

The Honor 30 Pro Plus has a Kirin 990 5G SoC. It has 8GB or 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.
The phone's 4000mAh battery can be charged up to 40W wired and 27W wireless charging. The phone is offered in black, green and silver colors. The 8GB / 256GB model of this phone is priced at 4999 yuan and the 12GB / 256GB model is priced at 5499 yuan. The pre-order of this phone has started while the sale will start on 21 April.

Increase revenue from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store in recent years

According to the latest App Annie report, people spent a good amount of time on smart phones in the first quarter. The reason for this is the outbreak of the first-quarter COW-19 global outbreak, which has caused people to be confined to their homes and hence their use of mobile.
Android users spent 20% more time on apps and games than in the first quarter.
In the first quarter, Chinese consumers spent an average of 5 hours a day on mobile. American, Italian and French users also spend a lot of time on non-gaming apps.
From January to March this year, Android and iOS users downloaded 31.5 billion apps. Of these, 22.5 billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store and 9 billion from the App Store.

Consumers on both platforms spent $ 23.4 billion purchasing apps.

Of these, $ 15 billion was spent by iOS users and 8.3 billion Android users. Users downloaded mostly non-gaming apps but spent more money on gaming apps.
Apple received more revenue from the US and China this quarter, while Google Play Store users from South Korea, Japan and the United States spent more. India and Brazil were the most downloaded countries from the Play Store, while users from China and the US downloaded more apps from the App Store.

Users on both iOS and Android platforms have downloaded TalkTalk, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger the most. Facebook, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger had the highest monthly monthly active users in the first quarter.

More than four people will now be able to make video or audio calls on the WhatsApp

Due to the global outbreak of the Corona virus, people are being locked away in their homes. People also make video or audio calls from their loved ones to spend time with them. Are working on expanding Google Dow has already increased the number of call participants by 50%. Now Facebook's proprietary WhatsApp plans to do the same.

A review of the WhatsApp beta version code suggests that the company is expanding the number of audio or video call participants in the near future.
Currently the WhatsApp is allowing 4 people to make audio or video calls simultaneously, while other competition apps allow for even more audio or video conferencing.

It is not yet clear how many audio or video call participants will be added to the WhatsApp after the increase. Hopefully the WhatsApp will increase that number to much more than 4 to 6. Whatever it is, more news will be revealed soon.

10 Surprising Facts About Artificial Intelligence10 Worrisome Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays artificial intelligence is discussed everywhere. In the simplest terms, consumer intelligence can be described as the ability to give computer software or machines the ability to analyze information according to the situation itself. To make the best decision.
There are seemingly many benefits to artificial intelligence, but scientists are also scared of it. Renowned researcher Professor Stephen Hawking spoke of artificial intelligence in an interview to the BBC, saying he believed that the development of complete artificial intelligence would end the human race.

Below we will tell you a few facts about artificial intelligence, which will help you understand it better.

1. Robots can be designed to predict the future.

They can be more powerful than humans and a bigger threat to our civilization. Scientists feed millions of news about Osama bin Laden in a supercomputer nautilus, then estimate Osama bin Laden's location with accuracy of 200 kilometers. Similarly, the artificial intelligence system called MogIA accurately predicted the last three US presidents and Donald Trump to become president.

2. Artificial intelligence invented by humans is better than humans and can be completely transformed by humans. The artificial intelligence system created by scientists at Oxford University reads the movements of human lips much better than humans. Artificial intelligence has defeated humans in strategy games, it can study better, write legal contracts better, and even write more songs.

3. A very intelligent machine can create an advanced machine, its software can be written more intelligently and the process can continue. Facebook has designed chat boxes to communicate with each other. Soon these chat boxes will be talking to each other in their own style.
4. Robots have also been granted citizenship.
In 2017, Saudi Arabia first gave citizenship to a robot named Sofia.
5. People are interacting with other humans because of their emotional attachment to machines and robots. Many military bombs are so attached to disposable robots that they treat them as human beings.
6. Artificial intelligence can tell whether a person is gay or not by looking at his image.

7. Artificial intelligence operates an automotive car that can kill any human being.

8. Due to artificial intelligence, the fields of law, medicine and finance are no longer considered conducive to human affairs.

9. At that time scientists have found a common scientific theory that in the coming decades, artificial intelligence will either make humans invisible or be destroyed by the earth....


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